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Complex Maastricht

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If we’d ask you to name the biggest export product from Slovenia, you’d be thinking for quite a while. For most of you, Slovenia is mostly an unfamiliar country. It’s only half the size of the Netherlands and has almost 2 million inhabitants. So, what exactly is it that the whole world desires most from this small country? His name is UMEK. This man single-handedly created the foundation on which his country’s Techno scene rests. Just for that, Umek deserves an amount of respect as high as he is tall.

If this high visit from Slovenia isn’t enough, we invited two Maastricht favorites for opening and closing this night. Both are currently settled more North, but they’ve never let our small city out of their hearts. Sub_Surface is a loyal resident for SUBURBAN DISCO and part of the lovely ZwartGoud crew. STØRM can mostly be found in Amsterdam and is a resident at BASIS in Utrecht. Their view on Techno might differ from each other, but they know Maastricht inside out. Together with Umek they’ll show you how crazy it can get when Slovenia visits.

  • from 23:00 until 05:00
  • Complex
    Griend 6-7 , Maastricht
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  • The one and only 18.50


  • Griend 6-7, 6221 AJ Maastricht