Orde van Oranje Nassau

Orde van Oranje Nassau

Complex Maastricht

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Not chosen by skill, nor by the intellect. Our King get's a Birthday celebration one can only dream of, solely due to the fact he was born in the right family. Whether you agree with a monarchy or not, an extra reason to party is never a day in vain. The only question remains, how are we gonna celebrate Willie getting another year older. The answer to that question has been the same since we founded the Orde van Oranje Nassau. This year, we will blast the king from his high throne with the mighty Len Faki, the extraterrestrial goddess Ellen Allien and Blames.

  • from 23:00 until 06:00
  • Complex
    Griend 6-7 , Maastricht
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  • Phase 1 23.00
    Phase 2 24.00
    Phase 3 25.00
    Phase 4 26.00
    Phase 5 27.00


  • Griend 6-7, 6221 AJ Maastricht